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Sierra Sisters

Women's Guided Hiking Trips

What to Bring


Your hiking boots are your most important piece of equipment.  Purchase them at least one month before the trip to break them in.  Choose a comfortable pair with good tread and wear them an hour a day the first week, increasing the wear time 2 hours more each week (1 hour, 3 hours, 5 hours, 7 hours).  Waterproof them a few days before the trip (I like Nikwax--available at REI and most sporting goods stores). It's important that your feet stay dry in all terrain! Tennis shoes and sandals will NOT work--they can be very slippery on the trail.

                                             A Note About Electronics

There is often no wi fi connection available in the National Parks. You may bring a cell phone so that if we are in an area with reception you can check in with home.  However please let family members know that reception is often spotty in the National Parks.  Pay phones are available to call home.

This trip is an opportunity for you to enjoy all the gifts of nature without the noise of civilization--TV, radio, computer, etc. for a few days.

What to Bring

(Spring, Summer, Autumn)

Wear:  Hiking pants or shorts (comfortable, elastic waist), T-shirt, hiking boots, hat with brim, sunglasses, fanny pack containing sunblock, bug repellent, trial size hand sanitizer, 1/2 roll toilet paper flattened, lip balm, camera, money, credit card, and ID. Bring a hooded sweatshirt.  NO purses or extra bags, please! 


Pack in suitcase:  (CARRY-ON size 14"x 22"x 8"--space is limited), 1 hiking shirt (preferably wicking), 1 fleece or down vest, 1 pair pants for after hiking, 4 T-shirts for after hiking, 4 pair underwear (microfiber is good), extra bra, comfy sandals (such as Tevas), 2 pairs hiking socks, 2 pairs sock liners (to prevent blisters), washcloth, swimsuit, book or magazine, 1 pair pajamas or long johns (for sleeping), rain poncho (or rain jacket and pants), gloves, warm hat (it can get cold in the mountains in all seasons), mini flashlight or headlamp, personals (soap, shampoo, medications, toothbrush, etc.), trekking poles (optional) which help knees on downhill grades. Please also bring a day pack with 2 one-liter water bottles and room for lunch and rain gear (OR a 2-liter hydration pack with pockets for lunch, water, and rain gear).

Please bring ONLY your packed suitcase, day pack, fanny pack, and sweatshirt.   Thanks!


What to Bring


Wear:  Comfortable long pants, long sleeved shirt, warm socks, hiking boots or snow boots, hat with brim, and sunglasses.  Wear a fleece or down vest OR hooded sweatshirt (only one), fanny pack containing sunblock, trial size hand sanitizer, lip balm, camera, money, credit card, and ID.  NO purses or extra bags, please!


Pack in suitcase: (CARRY-ON size 14"x 22"x 8"--space is limited), waterproof bibs OR snow pants, 3 long sleeved shirts, 3 pair underwear, extra bra, 1 pair warm socks, 1 pair ski socks, warm waterproof jacket, ski cap, waterproof gloves, 1 pair pajamas or long johns for sleeping, book or magazine, mini flashlight or headlamp, personals (toothbrush, medications, etc.). Also bring a small day pack with a one liter water bottle OR a l-liter hydration pack with room for jacket and lunch. Please bring ONLY your packed suitcase, fanny pack, day pack, and vest or sweatshirt.  Thanks!


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