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Sierra Sisters

Women's Guided Hiking Trips

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Your guide and founder of Sierra Sisters, Janet Kelly, has been hiking and backpacking for over 40 years and has logged over 2,000 miles on the trails of the National Parks. Her greatest pleasure is to bring that experience to others and to be part of the excitement, wonder, and peace they feel when in Nature, especially the "Range of Light"--John Muir's name for the Sierra Nevada.

Janet is a licensed trail guide and is certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR.  She lives in northern California and she enjoys hiking, reading, photography, singing, watercolors, and exploring Nature with her grown children and young grandchildren.  In a former life she was a teacher for 25 years.  Janet loves to talk about her trips.  Feel free to e-mail her at or call her at (707) 322-5854.   


                                JANET KELLY -  HIGH SIERRA TRIP - ON TOP OF NORTH DOME 

                                                              WITH HALF DOME DIRECTLY ACROSS




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